Bluegrass Horse Feeds: Managing winter weight!

During winter our horses weights fluctuate with the changes in temperature. Some breeds gain more weight than others predisposing them to health issues such as obesity. Ashley Neely, BSc SQP, gives four simple tips in Farm Week on for controlling weight during the winter.

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Bluegrass Horse Feeds gives tips on feeding broodmares in late pregnancy

November's column in Farm Week newspaper focused on our tips on feeding broodmares in late pregnancy. If you missed the column in Farm Week, here it is again. 

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Bluegrass Prime Conditioning Mix with Equi-Jewel - feed your horse well this winter

LAST week, Kenneth Irwin gave tips on feeding your older horse this winter. This week Kenneth talks specifically about Bluegrass Prime Conditioning Mix with Equi-Jewel.

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Grazing Muzzles on Pastured Horses Help Control Weight Gain

Equine experts widely advocate pasture access for maximizing the health of horses with heaves,osteoarthritis, or simply to match their “evolutionary upbringing,” so to speak. Although beneficial in many ways, putting horses on 24-hour turnout, which occurs in many parts of the world, is a double-edged sword, according to one research group*.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Horses

Recurrent colic in horses remains an important and concerning condition, contributing to pain, loss of use, death, and economic losses associated with diagnosing and treating the condition. According to one recent review article*, many causes of recurrent colic exist, including the following:

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Garlic Supplementation for Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Herbal supplements designed to boost your horse’s health abound,, often containing ingredients such as ginger, garlic, yucca, devil’s claw, and more. Recently, Egyptian researchers reported* that garlic—an herb with a long and illustrious history in non-Western medicine—has gastroprotective effects and could potentially be used to help manage horses with gastric ulcers.

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