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Commited to quality for over 150 years

The Irwin family have been involved in milling of food since 1847. In those days oats were processed for consumption following the Irish potato famine.

After World War 2 we started to mill local grain as part of the successful changes that transformed local subsistence farmers into producers of food for Europe and further afield. In the 1990’s I realised that there was a need for scientifically formulated, and produced horse feed to enable horse owners to achieve maximum potential from their stock. We approached Kentucky Equine Research in USA, were accepted as “team member for Ireland” and together developed the range of feed that became Bluegrass Horse Feed. From small beginnings we are now recognised as leading players in the Irish horse industry.

Bluegrass Horsefeeds

Kenneth Irwin

Managing Director

I live locally with my wife Carolyn and 3 of our 4 children, our eldest girl lives close by & have two grandchildren to add excitement and joy to our lives. My horses are heavyweight Clydesdales which I have bred and shown for years, I find them a calming influence after a hard day’s work.

I am fortunate to work with a young enthusiastic team of people who share our goal of delivering the best possible feed to the European breeders, owners and trainers of many types of horses.

Craig Kileff

Bluegrass Feed Consultant

+447817681538 craig@bluegrasshorsefeed.com

Craig Kileff grew up in an agricultural community in Zimbabwe. Craig worked in racing and starting yards in both the UK and Zimbabwe, since leaving school and has seen what a difference good nutrition can make to a horse in both, the workload, recovery times and behaviour. Craig now lives in Co. Down with his family and regularly competes on polocrosse pitches around the country or can be seen attending Pony Club events with his children.

Bluegrass in conjunction with Ker has made a vital contribution to the welfare and rideability of my horses, nutrition provides a large portion to our horse’s welfare health and management thanks to Bluegrass and KER I am able to achieve more with my horses. It gives me great satisfaction to see the improved results and enjoyment horse owners get from using our products.

Kentucky Equine


Bluegrass has always been dedicated to producing nutritionally sound, innovative formulas and providing customers with accessible personal service. This has seen Bluegrass join the world's leading research centre in equine nutrition, Kentucky Equine Research (KER). Bluegrass Horse Feeds are Ireland's exclusive KER Team Member: thus joining an international network of horse feed manufacturers devoted to the advancement of equine nutrition.

Based in the heartland of the American thoroughbred industry in Kentucky, KER conducts extensive research in equine nutrition and exercise physiology. Each research trail is designed to improve the health, performance and well-being of all horses. As such, all Bluegrass feeds, formulas and product development programmes are underpinned and complemented by the world-renowned research and expertise of KER.

Bluegrass Horse Feeds in conjunction with Kentucky Equine Research and Hallway Feeds, Lexington, Kentucky have developed feeding systems for some of the worlds leading stud farms in U.S.A, UK, Australia and Ireland. This partnership has helped Bluegrass Horse Feeds to advise and consult breeders and trainers in Ireland to get the cutting edge products with sound research backing.

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