• Stamm 30 - Cut the cost of winter with STAMM 30

    Stamm 30 - Cut the cost of winter with STAMM 30

    The Balancer pellet – Stamm 30


    A useful yet little understood type of horse feed, which has the ability to reduce feeding costs, without compromising on nutrients. Though the pellet might look no different than other pelleted feeds, it can be a dynamic addition to any feeding program and a sure fire solution to many feeding dilemmas. Stamm 30 can be fed as a complete feed, providing a low calorie source of protein, vitamins and minerals. It can be combined with straights for a molasses free feed, and can be used as a top dress for concentrates which are fed below recommended feeding rate.


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  • 17% Foal and Yearling Mix

    17% Foal and Yearling Mix

    Foal & Yearling Mix should be fed from an early age to encourage daily weight gain, reducing the risk of skeletal problems. Fortified with all the vitamins and minerals necessary growth.

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